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First of all, I love travelling. I love it since I can remember. I travelled before finding out what was my real vocation. I love makeup, and I turned it into a profession – my own one and for the whole nation of Poland. My most recent passion is personal developement, which I started to practice since I attended my first class of somatopsychology in collage, and I still continue it now, after I became a certified life coach.

I’m so grateful for having had the privilege of finding my real calling, which turned out to be the art of makeup. I started it in early 1996 and a decade later I created the profession of makeup artist in Poland. I also run a Makeup Artist and Stylist School which makes me proud for 20 years now.

In the meantime I had the honor to organise Polish International Championships of Professional Makeup for 15 years, make part of the jury of the World Championship for Makeup (Naples 2018), and became the president of the World Confederation of Coiffure for Poland (CMC).

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